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At Terra Beata Farms, quality and customer service are our top priorities. Our facilities and experienced staff are at your service. Any of the functions we perform for our brand can also be customized for your product and your brand. Our facilities are CFIA inspected and registered so your products can make their way across Canada and beyond.

We offer:

  • Custom cleaning and freezing of fruits and vegetables

  • Custom packing of frozen fruit and vegetable products

  • Custom juicing - If you provide the fruit, we can press it and return the juice pasteurized and bottled, or bulk frozen for later processing. We have experience pressing rhubarb, raspberry, strawberry, haskap, arctic kiwi, elderberry, and much more.

  • Custom bottling of non-alcoholic beverages – Contact us with your recipe or just your idea, and we will develop a product for your label to suit your price point.

  • Private label cooked products, including all types of sauces and preserves, packed in plastic or in glass.

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